The Savior: Bitcoin

Juan SC
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It's Never Too Late To Understand Bitcoin

Start to Understand What Bitcoin Means Once And For All

Are you interested in Bitcoin but don't know where to start to learn about it?

Let's face it when we hear the word "Crypto" or "Bitcoin" our minds block because we think is something really complicated to understand.

If you think, for instance, that Bitcoin’s value is “based on nothing” or that it’s too volatile to have any real-world use, this ebook is for you. I'm separating fact from fiction — without shying away from legitimate risks.

We hear all over the place the following myths:

  • "Bitcoin is a bubble"
  • "Bitcoin has no real-world uses"
  • "Bitcoin doesn't have real value"
  • "Investing in Bitcoin is gambling"
  • "Bitcoin is bad for the environment"

What if there were an easy way to finally understand what Bitcoin really is that:

  • Does not involve fancy words.
  • Does not require any financial skills.
  • Does not require previous knowledge.
  • Does not require any technical skills.

That's why I wrote a brand new ebook called The Savior: Bitcoin - It's Never Too Late To Understand Bitcoin.

Inside this ebook, you will learn:

  • The real meaning of money.
  • About the world’s largest cryptocurrency, and how it works.
  • To have a strong understanding of what Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Lightning Network Technology are.
  • How El Salvador is applying the blockchain technology, and lightning network behind Bitcoin to their economy. A real-world scenario.
  • Know and use key vocabulary and concepts commonly used when discussing Blockchain and Bitcoin in any situation.
  • Plus, much more!

It's the first Salvadoran Bitcoin book ever made! 

Get your copy today for just $20 $0 and be part of the history!

Peace! ✌️

  • You'll get immediate access to:

  • Size
    819 KB
  • Length
    100 pages
  • The 100-Page eBook
  • You'll get immediate access to:
  • Size819 KB
  • Length100 pages
  • The 100-Page eBook
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The Savior: Bitcoin

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